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I am a native Austinite and have lived in East Austin for 18 years. I was born and raised in a historic house in downtown
Austin at 808 West Avenue.   As a child, I walked to  Pease Elementary School and went fishing with friends at Shoal Creek.

One of y first jobs about 30 years ago was at the YMCA of Austin at the old L.C. Anderson High School.  Through the
Martin Luther King  Neighborhood  Association I met my mentor, Dr. Exalton Delco who encouraged me to enroll
in Huston-Tillotson University.

While at H-T, I was on the track team with the great Coach Howard Ware.  Go Rams!!! I was the
President of the Huston-Tillotson Young Democrats, Democracy for America Facilities Organizer, Host with the  
International Visitors Bureau U.S. State Department and Precinct Chairman for Precinct 126 TCDP.  

I was a Candidate for City Council Place One.  Later I was appointed by Mayor Leffingwell
to serve on the Urban Transportation Commission where I was voted in as the Chairman.  The Commission accomplishments included the beginning for the no texting while driving rule, the three foot passing rule and consumer
protections for people with towed cars.   
Chronicle Article
Street Smart Task Force, Law and Safety Committee 

I served on the Urban renewal Board and was elected Chairman by my fellow commissioners.

We ended a decades old ineffective agreement called the tri-party agreement.  This action gave the Board increased
flexibility to fulfill its mission.  Through a commitment of involvement  with the community the commission approved a project which received broad based support from neighborhood stakeholder groups. This development will bring a much needed grocery store to an area which residents describe as a food desert. Several properties that have been empty and inactive for many years are now homes for families.  The commission has supported affordable housing , development of the Dedric Hamilton African American Cultural and Heritage Center and even an expansion of the smokers at Franklin Bar-B-Que.

KTBC Fox 7- Dedric Hamilton African American Cultural and Heritage Center

I attended and graduated from the 2010 Class of Leadership Austin, was the President of the 59th Citizen Police Academy and the Chairman
of the East MLK Neighborhood Planning Combined District Contact Team.   

My over twenty-year career of working in Health and Human Services including the establishment of the 501 (c) 3
American dream Self-Sufficiency Program .

After graduating from Huston-Tilllotson I went on to St. Edwards University where I studied Organizational Leadership and Ethics and was awarded a Maser's Degree in this area of study/



2005 Candidate for City Council Place 1

During his 2005 campaign Andrew received endorsements from:
Latinos for Texas
Black Women's Political caucus
La Coalicion de Huelguistas Chicanos de Austin
The Travis County Green Party
The NOKOAH newspaper
The Villager Newspaper

Andrew worked with students at Huston-Tillotson University. Together they collected signatures on a petition asking the Austin Police Department to require probable cause or a signed affidavit before officers conducted a search instead of only saying that verbal consent had been received.
A study conducted by the ACLU showed African American 3.5 times more likely, Hispanics  2.5 times more likely, than whites to be subjected to a "Consent Search." The study also showed that in nine out of ten searches nothing was found. As a result of this petition over 1,000 signatures were gathered and along with the work of ACLU and NAACP this led to a prohibition of consent searches by police officers.  

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Co-President Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association

 "When I moved into East Austin 15 years ago, I began to look for ways to become involved with my community. After a few weeks one of my neighbors told me about the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association.  I served for one year as Co-Chair of the Association along with my friend Clara Walker.  Clara has always been a strong spirit and a rock of support for our neighborhood as we have faced development pressures. It is through this organization that I began to attend worship as a member of St. James Episcopal Church and enrolled in Huston-Tillotson University.  I spent one year coordinating volunteers to restore Bethany, one of Austin's oldest African American cemeteries.  We held a dedication and commemoration ceremony where excerpts from the WPA "Slave
Narratives were read by neighbors
.  Those neighbors spoke the
actual words of
people who long before had endured slavery, witnessed emancipation, and were laid to rest in this historic cemetery.  

"This event was held two weeks after Jessie Lee Owens was shot one mile from the cemetery.  Although we are no longer segregated, even in death we still have a long way to go in race relations in Austin Texas."--Andrew Bucknall

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Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association
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Chairman East MLK Contact Team

"Participation with the original MLK Neighborhood Planning Team provided me with a a wealth of applied knowledge regarding land development code, plan amendment, the variance process and the production/purpose of future land use maps (FLUMS).  I feel that it is very important that we honor neighborhood led planning processes and engage neighborhood groups in matters which impact their interests."
-- Andrew Bucknall 

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President 59th Citizen Police Academy

Andrew Bucknall was elected by the 59 Citizen Police Acadamey
to serve as the class president.  The Citizen Police Academy is a
great way for citizens
 to learn how the Police Department works
and develops policies and procedures.  This is accomplished
through a series of classes involving instruction by police officer
detectives, commanders and. other APD staff members. The
 are free and include a total of Ffity-two hours of instruction
 police officers. Students must be at least 18 years of age.
have included architects, bankers, homemakers,
students, retirees, 
teachers, neighborhood groups and other

Citizens interested in the academy can call SPO Jermaine Kilgore, at (512) 974-5064 or click the link below.

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  Chairman Membership Committee Central Texas VOAD

VOADS, or 
Voluntary  Organizations Active in Disaster are
organized to serve a State or sections of a State in response to natural disasters such as tornadoes, fires, hurricanes and floods. Governmental and non-profit organizations are
 mobilized to respond directly after the time of disaster. Andrew Bucknall has served as the chairman of the Membership Committee for the Central Texas VOAD during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Many fine organizations came together to  make sure that everyone in Texas was supported with resources to get back on their feet. On the VOAD he represented the American Dream Self-Sufficiency Program, a non-profit which he founded and directed.

Links of Interest:
United Methodist Committee On Relief
Capital Area Red Cross
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Host, International Visitors Bureau,  U.S. State Department

Andrew Bucknall served  in the Visitors Bureau Program
by selecting local participants and leading discussions with
emerging leaders from around the world.  These meetings, which often included translators focused on political processes in our
respective countries.
In groups hosted by Bucknall emerging leaders from
Lebanon, Africa, Chile,Thailand, and India, met with Travis
County Commissioners, area business leaders and other elected

State Department Program

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Founder, American Dream Self Sufficiency Program

After the winding down of Foundation Communities Services to survivors of Hurricane Katrina, I established a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, American Dream Self Sufficiency Program.  Over a year-long process we provided case management, a food pantry and a youth summer program for 42 families.  We helped 43families transition into housing which cost 30% or less of their annual family income.  During my work with survivors of the hurricanes many profound experiences deepened my personal commitment to the community”

-- Andrew Bucknall

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 Huston-Tillotson University

President Huston-Tillotson Young Democrats

"As president of the Huston-Tillotson Young Democrats I worked with my fellow students to increase awareness and involvement in the local , state and federal political process.  We were extremely successful in this endeavor, having multiple forums for students with State Representatives, Senators, and U.S. Congressman Lloyd Dogget.  I served as the student organizer for Democracy for America.  At the Democracy for America event I had the honor and privilege of welcoming Presidential Candidate Howard Dean to a group of over 1,000 people.  I assisted in connecting other members of the HT Young Democrats to  emerging world leaders through  the U.S. State Department
Visitors Bureau Program.  We partnered with Constable Bruce
Elfant (now County Tax Assessor) to conduct a mass deputizing
of students.  This mass deputizing was followed by Huston
Tillotson's largest recorded student voter registration drive.
I shared in pride with my fellow Houston-Tillotson Young
Democrats as we fulfilled the words inscribed on the Huston
Tillotson Seal, "Strength In Union"---Andrew Bucknall

Links of Interest

Information on Huston-Tillotson
Huston-Tillotson University

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Chairman, Urban Transportation Commission

Andrew Bucknall joined the commission during the review process of
Capital Improvement Projects.  Andrew authored  a special report
on transportation for newly arrived residents to Austin who had been displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Andrew
was elected chairman of the commission and he led the team
through issues ranging from pedi-cabs to changes in Capital
Metro. Andrew was instrumental  in current charter revision for no texting while driving, the 3-foot passing rule and consumer
protections for people with towed cars. Andrew was awarded a
Distinguished Service Award from Mayor Will Wynn for his service
on the commission.

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