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Hello and welcome to my webpage! If you know me at all you have heard me talk about two things, hope and faith.  I believe that these are two necessary ingredients for a life well lived.  Hope is the idea that our tomorrow will be better than today.  No matter how dark the night the daylight will come and break way to a new day.  Faith is that abstract form that connects us together in ways that we cannot touch, hear or feel.  At its most basic, faith is love and comes in many names.  Some call it God and at times it works through you and me and then it is what ties us all together with the bonds of sister and brotherhood. During this time of trauma from natural disaster please remember that our Hope and Faith work through us and with us.  Please take a moment and listen to one of my mentors Mr. Rogers by clicking the link above.  Let love be your guiding light to a tomorrow that is better than the darkest night!
I am currently involved with the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Organization and the East Austin Community Hills Neighborhood Association (E.A.C.H.) 
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